The world’s most popular biscuit, the Tim Tam, has celebrated its birthday with a chocolate filled extravaganza in rural Queensland.

Most 50-year-olds would do well to ease back on the sweets, but this popular Aussie is still going strong despite consuming 20 tonnes of chocolate each day.

Tim Tam, the world’s most popular biscuit, turned 50 on Sunday.

To celebrate the biscuit’s anniversary, Tim Tam and Qantas flew people to Winton, in central west Queensland, for a reunion with the loved ones they aren’t able to see often.

“Aussies have loved and connected over Tim Tam biscuits for 50 years. To celebrate this milestone, in 2014 we’re launching a year of togetherness,” Arnott’s marketing director Susanna Polycarpou.

People from across Australia and as far away as the UK flew to the remote town, which is also the birthplace of Qantas, for a “chocolate-filled birthday extravaganza.”

Each day the Arnott’s factory uses 20 tonnes of chocolate to pump out 3000 biscuits each minute.