Mercedes Corby has appeared on TV in Australia and Indonesia, dismissing the multi-million dollar figures linked to Schapelle’s first interview.

Mercedes Corby has released a televised statement in English and Indonesian, dismissing the multi-million dollar price tags being linked to her sister’s first interview.

Schapelle Corby this week swapped her Bali jail cell for a five-star villa, where she is weighing up whether a lucrative exclusive with the Seven Network could jeopardise her parole.

There have been reports the Corbys could make up to $3 million for the deal, angering people in both Indonesia and Australia.

The head of the Bali parole board has also warned the convicted drug smuggler should be careful about what she says about her crime and punishment, lest it endanger her parole.

In a televised statement on Thursday, Mercedes Corby seeks to address both Australian and Indonesian concerns.

“The sums being reported are ridiculous,” she says.

“When Schapelle is ready to speak the parole officers will be informed.”

In the statement read in English, Mercedes also hit back at Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, who wants to stop the family profiting from any interview.

She says Mr Newman is “so interested in this story” that his government helped fund the “biased and inaccurate” Nine Network film, Schapelle.

The statement was aired by Seven in Australia and on Metro TV in Indonesia, who distributed it to other media.

It appeared to have been filmed inside the Sentosa Seminyak villas where Corby is staying.

Seven presenter Mike Willesee, who is also staying at the Sentosa villas, on Tuesday dismissed the $2 million figure as “way silly” and said a deal had not yet been reached.