Former Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll paid $90,000 in contempt fines the day after he left Queensland parliament last year.

Disgraced Queensland MP Scott Driscoll has paid the state parliament $90,000 in fines for contempt.

On his last day in parliament last year, the House decided to fine the former Redcliffe MP the maximum $90,000 over 49 counts of contempt for deliberately misleading parliament and hiding his personal income and business dealings.

Clerk of Parliament Neil Laurie said Mr Driscoll paid the fine the next day.

“I advise that on 22 Nov 2013 I received from Mr Driscoll the sum of $90,000 being full payment of the fines,” Mr Laurie told parliament on Tuesday.

Less than a handful of people have been summonsed to face the bar of Queensland parliament.

Mr Driscoll now joins ranks with corrupt former Labor minister Gordon Nuttall and former supreme court judge Angelo Vasta, who was dismissed from the bench for giving false evidence at a defamation hearing.

Mr Driscoll resigned from parliament last year citing health reasons after his dodgy business dealings were made public.

A by-election in his seat will be held on February 22.