An alleged bikie’s girlfriend who was jailed for meeting her partner and another man at a pub says all she did was have a beer.

A Brisbane library worker facing six months’ imprisonment for meeting two alleged bikies in a pub says she doesn’t understand what she’s done wrong.

Sally Louise Kuether, 40, spent six nights behind bars after her arrest last Friday over the gathering at the Dayboro Crown Hotel north of Brisbane on December 19.

She and alleged Life and Death motorcycle gang member Ronald Anton Germain were released on bail on Thursday afternoon.

Her partner Phillip Frederick Palmer is still behind bars.

Outside the Brisbane Magistrates Court Kuether told reporters she couldn’t see what she had done wrong.

“All I did was go and have a beer with my partner and my mate,” she said.

“How’s that wrong? I’ve never committed any crime in my life ever before. I’m an upstanding citizen. What can I say?”

Kuether, a Brisbane City Council library assistant, was charged under anti-bikie laws that prohibit more than two gang members or associates meeting in public.

The trio faces a minimum mandatory prison term of six months if convicted.

Kuether’s bail hearing heard she was not a member of Life and Death but was wearing a leather jacket bearing the club’s name while at the hotel.

The court heard she had no criminal record and had received a Lord Mayor’s award for volunteer work after the 2011 flood disaster.

Co-accused Germain served 22 years in the army and his only criminal history was a low-range drink-driving offence in 1986.

Outside court Germain said he had “fought for other people’s freedoms, (but) lost my own”.

Female prisoners’ advocate Debbie Kilroy called on the state government to repeal the “draconian” laws.

“This is not want Queenslanders want and this government has to repeal these laws now,” she told reporters.

“Innocent people are being caught up in them, innocent people are being held in custody. It has to come to an end.”

Last month five men alleged to be Rebels members or associates were arrested and charged with similar offences after police claim they met at a Sunshine Coast hinterland hotel.