Queensland premier Campbell Newman says no price would be too high to win the fight against outlaw bikie gangs.

Premier Campbell Newman is prepared to spend big to sell his controversial anti-bikie laws to Queenslanders.

Mr Newman made the comments after being asked how much the government has paid a public relations firm to manage the issue.

Industry sources have estimated it will cost $500,000 for a three-month campaign.

The premier would not give an exact figure, but said the government was prepared to spend what it took to convince Queenslanders they had nothing to fear from the new laws.

The Queensland Police Service and Crime and Misconduct Commission had already been given $20 million and $7 million respectively, he said.

“If we need to spend some money to ensure that their campaign of lies, deceit and the misinformation is dealt with, then we’ll do that,” Mr Newman told reporters in Bundaberg.

“Other states can be soft and passive to allow these gangs to continue operating in their jurisdictions … (but) we will continue to fight both on the streets with the police but also for the hearts and minds of Queenslanders.

“They have nothing to worry about.”

The government late last year announced a raft of tough measures against outlaw motorcycle gang members, including longer sentences.

They were in response to high-profile bikie-related violence including the shooting of a bystander at an incident in a Gold Coast shopping centre.