A woman whose PR firm represented the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland is threatening to sue Premier Campbell Newman for criticising their work.

A woman is threatening to sue Queensland Premier Campbell Newman if he doesn’t stop criticising her Brisbane public relations company for representing bikies.

Senior state government ministers have spoken out on at least four occasions against PR firms hired by outlaw bikies to spin messages of innocence.

While Cole Lawson Communications hasn’t been named specifically, managing director Margaret Lawson says there is no doubt they’re referring to her company.

She says the group is the only PR company in Australia to have run a formal public relations campaign for the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland, which represents recreational and outlaw bikie groups.

In a terse letter to Mr Newman, Ms Lawson says the comments have been highly defamatory and could affect her financially.

“If you persist with making such comments, I will have no hesitation in taking further action to protect the professional reputation of myself and my firm,” she told AAP.

“What we did recently was put out one press release and organise a press conference.

“I’ve haven’t done something that is illegal, I’m not running their campaign.

“I’ve asked Mr Newman to either correct the record about my firm and or cease and desist making comments that I’m somehow involved in criminal activity.

“It seems that I am dragged into a political argument and used as political fodder.”

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said Ms Lawson was trying to downplay her role.

“If you’re talking about people taking money from groups like the Hells Angels and the Rebels, well, that’s tainted money,” Mr Crisafulli told Fairfax Radio.

The government itself is on the hunt for a PR company to promote its controversial anti-bikie stance.

It has asked public relations firms to bid for work on a three-month campaign, estimated to be worth $500,000.

“This battle needs to be won on the street, but it also needs to be won in people’s hearts and minds,” Mr Crisafulli said.