A woman who stole $1.2 million from her employer to feed a gambling addiction has a negative bank balance and can’t pay the money back, a court has heard.

A woman who defrauded $1.2 million while working at a Brisbane finance company has a negative bank balance of $164.50, a court has heard.

Diane Stynis, 59, is accused of pocketing the money to feed her gambling addiction while managing salary sacrificing contracts at the company between 2003 and 2010.

The Brisbane District Court heard on Friday that Stynis had no way of paying any money back.

“I’m instructed that she has withdrawn all her superannuation. She has nothing,” said Stynis’ counsel Craig Eberhardt.

“Her current bank account balance is negative $164.50.

“They (Stynis and her husband) have no car, no home and she has no superannuation. She has nothing.”

Stynis was due to be sentenced on Friday, however the matter was adjourned to allow the crown to investigate a psychologist’s report that details the extent of her gambling addiction.

Crown prosecutor Carly Whelan said the report indicated Stynis was still gambling.

It also made references to a casino loyalty card and stated Stynis had no superannuation, she said.

Mr Eberhardt said delays to the case had caused his client significant stress.

He added Stynis had been co-operative and had returned to Australia from the US to face the charges.

During the hearing, he tendered her Jupiters Treasury Card to the court.

Justice Katherine McGinnis extended Stynis’ bail but said she was facing a lengthy prison sentence.

The case was adjourned to February 3.