A man accused of being a Bandido bikie gang member has been charged for falsely telling a Brisbane court he was a returned soldier.

Police have charged two “un-Australian” bikies who have claimed to be ex-serviceman to get reduced sentences in Queensland courts.

Detective Superintendent Mick Niland says police are also investigating up to five other people they suspect of trying the same trick to avoid jail time.

A 51-year-old Runcorn man found guilty of taking part in a large bikie riot on the Gold Coast was on Thursday charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and falsely representing to be a returned soldier.

Det Supt Niland said police became suspicious when the ex-Bandidos member last month told a magistrate he had served as an SAS soldier in Somalia and Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.

His sentence of 100 hours community service would likely have been higher had he not made those claims, Det Supt Niland said.

The detective said police also suspected the man was lying about claims he was in the rural fire brigade and helped fight the Black Saturday bushfires.

His arrest comes just days after ex-Comanchero member Ian Crowden, 39, was charged with similar offences after telling a Southport magistrate he had been a sniper who had served in Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Crowden made the claim in court before being handed a $1000 fine for kicking at a customs dog last year at Gold Coast airport.

Det Supt Niland said inquiries to the Australian Defence Force proved both men’s stories to be false and police are now suspicious of others making similar claims.

“It’s a very un-Australian offence,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

“We’ve had many diggers go overseas in relation to their duties as army officers and it’s very brazen.”

The latest man to be arrested will face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police say they will oppose his bail due to his bikie links.

The Broadbeach riot he was part of in September sparked a state-wide crackdown against criminal bikie gangs.

Crowden was released on bail and will reappear in court on February 7.