The Liberal National Party’s Bill Glasson is listed last on the ballot paper for the Griffith by-election, while Labor’s Terri Butler is seventh of 11.

The coalition’s candidate in Kevin Rudd’s former seat of Griffith isn’t concerned about being listed last on the by-election ballot paper.

The Liberal National Party’s Bill Glasson was on Friday the last of 11 candidates listed to contest the former prime minister’s seat at the February 8 poll.

“It’s a Melbourne Cup race and I don’t think where you end up in the draw makes a great deal of difference,” the former Australian Medical Association president said.

“It’s a long race, it’s the jockey and the horse that’s going to win this race, not where you sit in the barrier.”

Dr Glasson said while he expected Prime Minister Tony Abbott and other government ministers in the Brisbane-based electorate, his campaign would have a local focus.

His main rival, Labor’s Terri Butler, said the by-election would be just as much about national issues as those at local level.

“This by-election is the first opportunity voters have had to send a message to Mr Abbott about his first four months of government,” the employment and industrial relations lawyer said.

“It’s been a shambolic government.”

Ms Butler, who was listed seventh, has claimed underdog status, conceding Mr Glasson was better known than her in the electorate given he had been narrowly defeated by Mr Rudd in the September federal election.

“I am concerned that Mr Glasson will have a profile, I’m concerned he will outspend us,” she said.

“I know they spent a lot of money on the general election.”

Greens’ candidate Geoff Ebbs will recontest Griffith, saying the election would be about national issues like climate change.

Katter’s Australian Party’s Ray Sawyer and Family First’s Chris Williams are among others contesting the poll.

The Palmer United Party hasn’t fielded have a candidate.

Griffth’s 97,857 voters were required to cast their ballots again after Mr Rudd quit following Labor’s general election drubbing.