Some Queenslanders are being targeted by emails asking for bills to be paid for bogus electricity accounts.

Just when you thought your power bill couldn’t get any worse, it turns out you could be paying a fake one if you live in Queensland.

Queensland’s government has warned that Ergon Energy customers are being targeted by phishing emails for bogus electricity accounts.

The emails, from a phoney company called Pacific Gas & Electric, include a link that directs customers to a site where they’re asked to enter their bank account numbers, passwords and credit card details.

Acting Energy Minister Andrew Cripps says people in the Townsville, central Queensland and Toowoomba areas have received the emails.

“This is a scam aimed at collecting credit card and personal information for fraudulent use,” he said in a statement.

The government has warned Queenslanders to never give out their personal information, bank account or credit card details to any person or organisation they don’t know, whether the request comes via email, over the phone or through some other avenue.