The immigration minister has announced the closure of four detention centres across the country.

The Abbott government has announced the closure of four immigration detention centres.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the closures will save the government at least $88.8 million a year.

The Scherger facility in Queensland, the Port Augusta facility in South Australia and the Leonora facility in Western Australia will all be closed by the end of February, Mr Morrison said.

The Pontville facility in Tasmania will also be formally closed after sitting empty since September last year.

Mr Morrison says the remaining detainees in Scherger, Port Augusta and Leonora will be transferred to other facilities in the coming weeks.

He says the facilities were never envisaged as being permanent.

“These sites are remote, relatively small and expensive,” the minister said in a statement.

“While I acknowledge there will be an impact on some local business and service provider staff, these closures bring significant financial savings for the government and the Australian taxpayer.”

Mr Morrison says the closures will save the taxpayer at lease $7.4 million a month.