A gunman narrowly missed hitting a young girl when he fired shots a central Queensland house, police say.

Shots fired at a house in central Queensland narrowly missed a young girl asleep in bed, police say.

But incredibly, she didn’t even wake up.

The house in the Rockhampton suburb of Berserker was hit with two shotgun blasts just after 11pm (AEST) on Monday.

Detective Sergeant Nick Williams said the girl, aged four or five, was asleep in bed when one of the shots blew a 30cm hole in the bedroom window.

He said two young children and two teenage girls were in the house in Diplock Street at the time, along with the teens’ 40-year-old mother.

“You just put yourself in her position,” Det Sgt Williams told AAP.

“You have kids asleep at 11pm on a Monday night and all of a sudden there are two shots from a shotgun put into the house, including a child’s bedroom where one of them is asleep.

“It’s pretty concerning.”

Police are trying to trace an orange sedan seen in the area at the time of the shooting.