Queensland Health workers have committed to paying back more than $2.25 million off their own bat after receiving more than $90 million in overpaid wages.

Queensland Health staff who were overpaid because of a flawed payroll system have committed to paying back more than $2.25 million, the state government says.

About 1650 staff have committed to $2.137 million in new repayments, while a further $110,000 will be recovered by employees increasing their existing repayment plans.

They are the first lot of staff who have opted to pay back overpaid money by selecting a repayment option in their payroll system.

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg says the repayment option is part of the government’s efforts to recover millions of dollars lost in the payroll debacle.

There was $91 million in overpaid wages, increasing at an average $1.7 million each fortnight, when the LNP came into government, he said.

About $30 million has been repaid, but there is still about $90 million in overpaid wages owing.

Thousands of health workers were underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all when IBM rolled out the faulty system in 2010.

The debacle is expected to ultimately cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.