The Queen and other members of the Royal family have attended a Christmas Day service at Sandringham but no baby George was in sight.

The Queen and the Royal family have attended their Christmas Day church service at Sandringham but the large crowd lining the route was disappointed not to see Prince George.

The five-month-old third in line to the throne stayed inside the warmth of Sandringham House while his parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge strolled to the church hand in hand behind Prince Philip, 92, and Prince Andrew.

Kate told the crowd that Prince George was more interested in playing with the Christmas wrapping paper than his presents.

She spent considerable time chatting with the locals, particularly the small children.

“He is enjoying the paper more than his presents,” Kate told Los Angeles tourist Victoria de Santos.

Police said the crowd was bigger in previous years because of clear skies, but everyone in attendance was keen to spot the baby.

“I was wanting to see the baby, but I think it is too cold,” said tourist Isabella Firth from Brisbane.

“But Prince Philip looks amazing, and it is lovely to see him so healthy.”

The Queen, wearing an orange coat and accompanied by her heavily pregnant granddaughter, Zara, arrived at the church in a Bentley.

Prince Harry who arrived back from the South Pole earlier this week was still sporting his bushy beard.

The crowd of about 5000 had gathered early in the morning and were treated to a skywriting display of a smiley face, heart and kiss in the sky as the Royals emerged.

After the service the Queen received posies of flowers from local schoolchildren and spoke to elderly and disabled residents of nearby Park House.