No deaths have been reported on Australia’s roads on Christmas Day, with the toll remaining at four, down from 10 in 2012.

It’s been a fatality free Christmas Day on Australian roads so far.

The death toll since December 23 remains at four, down from 10 by Christmas Day in 2012.

The most serious accident reported on Wednesday was in Central Queensland, where a women was seriously injured on the Landsborough Highway about 20 kilometres north of Winton.

The last reported death was on Christmas Eve when a 69-year-old man’s car crashed into a tree northwest of Bundaberg in Queensland.

On Monday a man died in northern NSW during a police pursuit and two women died in northwest Victoria.

The total Australian death toll last festive season was 49.

The national road toll period runs from 0001 December 23, 2013 until 2359 January 3, 2014, local times, in line with the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Board.