Australian actor Eric Bana got his first taste of the horror genre and was able to live out some real life fantasies in new movie Beware the Night.

Australian actor Eric Bana will be living out his childhood fantasies in his next film when he plays a tough police detective.

The Melbourne-born Chopper star has already shot Beware the Night, in which he portrays real-life Bronx cop Ralph Satchi – and he got the chance to hang out with the man he’s playing.

“It was an amazing experience this past summer, shooting at night in the Bronx.

“It’s my first experience working in the horror genre. I play a real person, Ralph Satchi, a tough as nails detective in the 46th Precinct of the Bronx.

“Through a series of investigations, he discovers demonic elements to some of these cases. I think it will be extremely scary coming out next summer.

He said he got to know Satchi well during filming.

“I got my Bronx on and I loved it. I had the real Ralph there everyday and got to know him well. It was my first time playing a cop so I was living out some childhood fantasies.”

* Beware the Night will release in Australia on July 17 2014.