Metal walls up to five metres high are being built for jailed Queensland bikies, who will be kept separate from other inmates.

Jailed Queensland bikies will be kept behind wire mesh walls up to five metres high.

The metal walls have been erected at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre and will soon be built at Woodford Correctional Centre, the Courier Mail reports.

The walls are the latest in tough prison conditions imposed on bikies.

Already a bikies-only section of the Woodford jail has been established, where gang members face solitary confinement, no television or gym and are made to wear pink jumpsuits.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says gang members use their time behind bars to recruit new members and have to be separated from the general prison population.

“While the criminal gang prison is not the medieval dungeon some are painting it as, members will be doing hard time – we make no apologies for that,” Mr Bleijie told the Courier Mail.

However, criminal lawyer Bill Potts says the conditions being imposed on bikies are of great concern.

“Not even murderers and sex offenders are subjected to this … they did this type of stuff at Guantanamo Bay,” he told the newspaper.

Corrective Services says the sight screening barriers have been standard practice for five years.

Australia’s top civil libertarian, Terry O’Gorman, says forcing bikies to stare at the metal walls for at least 22 hours a day ignores a Queensland Supreme Court judge’s warning that such harsh conditions lead to serious mental health problems.

The Australian Council for Civil Liberties president also said the justification for building metal walls outside bikies’ cells was simply “law and order propaganda”.

There was no evidence to back up claims bikies used their jail time to recruit new members and continue criminal activities, he said.

“In the Queensland Corrective Services Annual Report released a couple of months ago, there was not a single sentence indicating that bikies in prison presented any sort of a problem”, Mr O’Gorman said.