Aurizon CEO Lance Hockridge, a member of a new group campaigning for corporate equality, has hailed the benefits of gender diversity.

A group of Queensland based chief executives have joined a campaign for gender diversity in boardrooms – and they’re all men.

Lance Hockridge, the head of freight rail group Aurizon, is among the company chief executives who have joined a Male Champions of Change campaign.

Aurizon’s 10-member board includes two women, and Mr Hockridge says gender diverse boards operate more effectively.

“Difference creates new ideas, new insights and new approaches – unlocking value,” he said in a statement.

“The value to the business is the value created through the complementary contributions both males and females can make.”

Super Retail Group, which has one woman on its six member board, is also joining the campaign.

CEO Peter Birtles, whose company owns SuperCheap Auto and Rebel Sport, promised to “make a demonstrable commitment to diversity both within and outside my organisation”.

Bank of Queensland, which has two women on its eight member board, says it has increased the proportion of senior female managers from 11 per cent to 22 per cent in just a year.

“We still have more work to do,” CEO Stuart Grimshaw said.

The Male Champions of Change campaign in Queensland comes three and a half years after Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick formed a similar group with industry leaders.