Joel Creasey has become a household name for being a castaway in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, but live stand-up comedy is where his heart has always been.

Nicknamed the ‘Acid Tongue Prince’ on the show, Creasey has been in the biz for over eight years and at only 24 years of age, that means he started young.

Now hitting his humorous stride, he is no stranger to controversy and loves stirring up situations, poking and prodding to get a reaction. But underneath it all is a deep desire to be liked and be noticed.

So we’ve seen him on television, but what can we expect from his live show? We chatted to Creasey to get the lowdown.

“I know that a lot of people are new to me [because of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here], but I’ve doing stand-up for eight years and it’s really where I feel most comfortable,” he says. “Basically my show is just a night with me, on stage, telling crappy stories about people in very tight jeans with very fabulous hair. It’s a fantastic, fun night. But there is a lot of backstabbing. I like to talk about people behind their back, and that’s life.

“I talk a lot about people in my shows, people that I’ve met and other celebrities that I’ve worked with. It’s easy to talk behind peoples’ backs – because you can be funnier that way.”

Creasey can hurl insults, then, but can he take them? “Absolutely. In fact, I get upset if people aren’t talking about me. I don’t care why they’re talking about me, I don’t care if its positive or negative, as long as they’re talking about me.”

This kind of brutal honesty is what has won him legions of loyal fans, and in person, it’s quite endearing. He puts himself out there as he is and makes no apologies. If it doesn’t suit you, he doesn’t really care.

“I was saying to someone at the Logies the other night that I just wanted to make a list, and I didn’t care if it was the best dressed or worst dressed but just as long as I was on a list. As long as I was on a list, I was happy.”

In the end, he made the Best Dressed list, which strangely enough he was disappointed about. “I wore a very bright suit and went out of my way to be photographed, but I think more people pay attention to the Worst Dressed list – I know that I certainly do!”

When asked whether being on a reality television show changed or influenced what he talks about on stage, Creasey pauses and ponders. “Not so much, but it did make me realise how much I appreciate my audience and love the people that come and see my shows. I had a real moment of clarity about that.

“This particular show, yes it has been influenced by I’m A Celebrity because I have all these fabulous stories that I tell about the show that didn’t make it to air. It is really fun telling audiences these stories and seeing their reactions and hearing their responses about things they didn’t get to see.”

As a flamboyant and attention-seeking performer, you might imagine that Creasey likes to embellish his stories. Not so, he says. “Actually, I try to stick to the truth. The thing is I think these stories were about such ridiculous situations that they don’t require any embellishment.

“In my storytelling style, I’m a very colourful painter. I paint stories with bright colours, so I guess there is some embellishment in the telling. But for me, there is no fun if it’s not true. I do these shows all year ’round and do them hundreds of times, so it stays fresh for me if the story is true because it feels so much cheekier telling audiences if it’s true.”

Ultimately, Joel only wants audiences to say one thing when they leave his shows.

“I want them to say ‘he looked great’. I don’t care if they find me funny, I want to look good. The first thing I ask when I get off stage is ‘how did I look?’, not ‘how did it go?’ More accurately, it’s more likely to be ‘how did the hair look?’”

He only has one rule when it comes to his live shows.

“I don’t talk about anyone who’s in the room. So if you’re not in the room, you might be spoken about. I do not pick on my audience. I am the protector of my audience, and we talk about everyone else.”

You have been warned.

Joel Creasey performs his show The Hurricane at The Tivoli May 16. For more details, check out our event guide listing.