Beards are the best, and no one knows this more than comedian Nick Cody whose new show Beard Game Strong is part of this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival and you can catch him on stage from February 24 – March 1.

Not having the biggest beard in the room hasn’t stopped this comedian from basing his latest show around his facial hair. Known for constructing and concocting a language all of his own, there are claims that Cody has gone all method with a kickass beard and a show to match. Also a massive fan of budgies, this is a man who isn’t backward in coming forward about what he loves.

The last year has seen Cody performing all over Australia and overseas at high profile gigs including Montreal’s invite-only Just For Laughs Festival, and its the Australian version – Just For Laughs Sydney 2014 at the Opera House. He is also now a film star (or perhaps more accurately, one in the making) as he filmed his debut stand-up comedy special at a sold out Metro Theatre in Sydney. You may have also seen him on the box as he featured on Seven’s comedy series Kinne, as well as ABC TV series, Please Like Me.

We chatted to man and asked him some hard hitting questions – the answers mainly involved beards and budgies.

What is your show all about?
I’d love to have a wanky answer that implies that it’s themes are meaningful, thoughtful, touching etc. but I don’t. I have a kickass beard and a hilarious new hour of stand-up. I promise it’s great. Now get amongst it.

How important is the title of your show to the success of drawing a crowd?
I think if you’re a famous stand-up act it doesn’t matter, someone at my level though, needs something that is catchy and gives the person reading it an idea of what they’re in for.

Do you rehearse this show much or are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants performer?
I don’t rehearse the show but I work the material out over 6-8 months by doing 6-10 stand-up spots a week when I’m at home (Melbourne) or try it at smaller clubs on the road. I couldn’t think of anything worse than rehearsing something. To be honest though, I’m picturing ‘rehearsing’ as standing in a room alone saying it out loud. I’m a stand-up comic, the in-the-moment vibe and live interaction is what makes it so awesome.

Favourite part about being a comedian?
Travelling to amazing places and hanging out with the funniest people on the planet.

Worst part about being a comedian?
The hours. Sometimes I have to be out of the house by 8pm.

What are Brisbane’s punters like? Are we a welcoming audience? Or do you dread coming to see us?
Extremely welcoming and always up for a good time. I think it has to do with the humidity. You must sit inside an air conditioned theatre with a cold drink and think “It could be a lot worse”.

Some memorable moments on stage include…?
Doing gigs for the troops in Afghanistan and aboard the HMAS Melbourne. Opening for comedy legend Bill Burr at the Sydney Opera House.

Best life advice you can dish out?
Hang out with funny people. It makes even the shittiest situations so much better.

What have you learned from being a comedian?
That people all over the world want to laugh and have a good time. If you like travelling and drinking, it’s the job for you.

If you would like to be entertained by this man, head along to the Brisbane Comedy Festival. For more information, check out our event guide listing.