Don’t miss clever and heart-warming comedian Matt Okine in his new show The Other Guy.

The multi award-winning comedian and Triple J Breakfast co-host returns to the Brisbane Comedy Festival for his fourth solo show and it’s a mash up of life lessons, fancy bread and love.

Sounds like a strange combination of topics but somehow works. Okine is no longer a comedy rookie; his latest show The Other Guy follows a year of sold-out gigs around the country. Plus he filmed his second live DVD, supported international acts including Dave Chappelle and Chelsea Handler, and appeared as a regular guest on several TV shows including ABC TV’s It’s A Date and Dirty Laundry Live, and the second season of SBS’s Legally Brown, all while setting the alarm for 4.30am.

Among all the chaos, we managed to get Okine to answer some questions and his answers will surprise you.

What is your show all about?
It’s about getting a great new job on the radio and all the awesomeness that comes with that juxtaposed with breaking up with my girlfriend of nine-years. it’s also about being rich enough to afford sourdough now, and not needing to survive solely off supermarket taste-testers.

How important is the title of your show to the success of drawing a crowd?
Pretty important, but I prefer to go for the subtle approach where you might not understand what the show is about until you actually come and watch it. If I just wanted audience numbers, I’d call my show “Insufficient Funs”, and I’d have a picture of me with empty pockets pulled out of my pants, and I’d be dressed as Steve Erkel. Who wouldn’t wanna watch that show??

Do you rehearse this show much or are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants performer?
It’s kind of a chicken and an egg situation because the show only gets better by doing it more, but every time you’re doing it, you’re testing out new things. I don’t write everything word for word, but I definitely put a lot of thought into everything that comes out of my mouth. Unless it’s beer that comes out of my mouth, in which case I’m dribbling, and I should probably put some more thought in my ability to swallow.

Favourite part about being a comedian?
It used to be waking up whenever I wanted, but now I work on breakfast radio so I’d have to say getting to hang out in comedy clubs with really close friends who are also performing and that it’s apparently a job.

Worst part about being a comedian?
When you’re bombing on stage. There’s genuinely nothing worse than knowing that the audience is hating you, and then looking at your watch, and realising you’ve got twenty minutes to go. It’s like burning your hand on the stove, and then realising you need to leave it there for twenty more minutes or you won’t get paid.

What are Brisbane’s punters like? Are we a welcoming audience? Or do you dread coming to see us?
Are you kidding me?? I LOVE coming home to Brisbane! I grew up in Indooroopilly, so any chance I get to come home is the best.

Some memorable moments on stage include…?
My first MICF TV Gala. I was so full of adrenaline that I couldn’t really talk to anyone afterwards. I pretty much went straight back to my hotel to sleep, but suddenly in the middle of the night, I woke up and I was standing out the front of my hotel door in only a pair of undies. I’d somehow managed to sleepwalk and lock myself out! I then had to go down to reception – half naked – and ask them for a spare key. I apologised profusely and the guy just shook his head and said “mate, you have no idea how often this happens…”

Best life advice you can dish out?
“Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”… It’s a Lil Wayne quote, but I think about it an awful lot. Although I can’t decide whether I think about it because it offers truly deep life advice, or whether it’s because I just really like lasagne.

What have you learned from being a comedian?
That all the things that you make (jokes, videos, songs, etc), they all pay off eventually, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I remember I made a web series back in the day, and I was so disappointed because only a handful of people ever watched it, but it turned out that Andrew Denton was one of those people, and he eventually put me on one of his TV shows, and it basically kickstarted my career. You gotta be in it to win it.

Who would be the ultimate guest for you? Who, if they were sitting in the audience watching your show, would make you almost pass out from excitement/ nerves?
Kanye. But then again, he probably wouldn’t let me finish…

Anything else we should know?
Yeah – I forgot to wash the 2nd XI soccer jerseys when it was my turn back in 2001. I’m really sorry to all the players who smelled bad that day. This has nothing to do with my show, but I feel like it’s time I purged my guilt…. Sorry!

See Matt Okine and his new show The Other Guy at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival. For more information, check out our event guide listing.