SOL3 MIO’s baritone Moses Mackay chats to Laura Brodnik about his rise to fame.

They’re the family trio who knocked pop sensation Lorde out of the New Zealand charts top spot and now Australia has the chance to fall in love with the heavenly voices and sassy sense of Samoan humour that makes up SOL3 MIO.

Comprised of two tenor brothers, Pene and Amitai Pati and their baritone cousin Moses Mackay, SOL3 MIO is the combination of three powerful and moving operatic voices from Auckland. After their families moved from Samoa to New Zealand to seek a better life, making sacrifices in the process, they turned to music to help see them through. Yet despite their lyrical upbringing Mackay said nobody ever expected the trio to rise this far.

“This all really happened by accident and it was very unexpected,” he says. “There has always been music in our family but my cousins and I always thought we would strike out on our own but once we performed together it just felt so natural and everybody encouraged us to form a group.

“We’re all classically trained and love opera, but we’re all about making it accessible to a younger audience. We’ve had a lot of people comment on how we interact with each other on stage and how we give each other a hard time between songs but that’s not staged. It’s just us, we like to mess around and have a bit of fun and it’s nice to see people enjoy that.”

The boys worked on their debut album while studying at the prestigious Welsh International Academy of Voice and even though they attracted attention early on in their career they still had a tough road to success. “We organised our own first concert in a school hall, did all the advertising and pulled it all together ourselves,” Mackay said. “O Sole Mio was the first song we ever performed together and that’s why it’s the first song on our album.

“We were blown away after the album went 5 times platinum and was the highest selling album in New Zealand, but it didn’t really hit home until we started touring and saw the huge crowds waiting for us. “We’re excited to start touring the world with our music and we can’t wait to perform in Australia.”

The trio’s self-titled album features an eclectic mix of songs including The Rose, Tell My Father, Nessun Dorma and We Are Samoa