Newly published author Kylie Kaden talks with Helen Goltz.

Discovered in a publisher’s slush pile, Kylie Kaden is now holding the real thing in her hands – her newly published book, Losing Kate.

“Random House has open submissions for authors without agents. I sent it away thinking it would be a long time if I heard at all,” Kaden says.

“A few months later a sub-editor asked for the full manuscript and a couple of weeks later I had a contract.”

It is the story of best friends Frankie and Kate, and Jack, a boy they both loved. There is treachery, death and unanswered questions until later in life when Frankie and Jack are reunited and the past becomes the present again.

A trained psychologist and mother of three young boys, Kaden admits to a fascination with human nature.

“Relationships mould a person; friendships formed in youth are so strong, and you don’t realise how they mould you until you grow up and look back on things and how they impact you.”

There’s a lot of Kaden in the novel. She grew up and still lives in Brisbane, but the book is set on the Sunshine Coast where Kaden spent many family holidays.

“I didn’t have to think too long and hard with a lot of Frankie’s outlooks and there’s a bit of me in Meg, the neighbour,” she says.

Kaden has begun her second novel but has a message for budding authors.

“Continue on. A lot of authors think it is impossible; I’m just an ordinary person, I haven’t got degrees in communication or an agent but now I’m published, so stick with it.”

Losing Kate is out now through Random House Australia.