Last night Pas and Streety became one of the first couples to be eliminated from “The Block Fans vs. Favourites”. Find out how they enjoyed their time on the popular renovation show and what they thought was their biggest renovation meltdown?

Another Block has hit our TV screens and this time around contestants found themselves in an empty warehouse facing no walls, no floors and no roofs. The Block Fans vs. Favourites welcomes back old favourites, Alisa and Lysandra (winners of The Bock Sky High), and Brad and Dale (mates from the 2012 South Melbourne Block). These previous contestants have to face off with fans from across Australia in a renovating extravaganza.

The show has been entertaining so far and we were lucky enough to catch up with last night’s eliminated couple Pascale and Chris, or Pas and Streety as they prefer. The couple from the Gold Coast have been married since 2012 and renovated their two bedroom beachside apartment before unit before entering the competition.

Pascale is a child protection social worker, and Chris is a school teacher by day and wedding singer by night. Last night the colourful couple faced off against Victorian representatives Chantelle and Steve, but failed to impress the judges enough to make it through to the next round.

Read on to find discover insider knowledge about their time on the show.

1. What renovating mistake won’t you ever make again? Why?

Our biggest mistake was picking up the jackhammer and tearing through support bearing walls! It definitely was not our best idea.

2. What renovating or decorating decisions don’t you trust your partner to make?

Pas: Don’t trust Streety with any decorating decisions! I think he’s colour blind!

Streety: I shouldn’t really trust Pas with too many big decisions – she gets flustered pretty easily. All the decorating decisions were made a lot quicker when we went shopping on our own, which I’m sure would be normal for most couples!

3. Did you design your renovation around your own tastes or others? If others – who are your influences?

When we started the renovating process we didn’t have much of an idea of what we really wanted our room to look like. We gathered most of our inspiration from decorating and travel magazines – they usually give some pretty quirky and creative ideas. We also checked out bunch of different website like Pintrest before we really knew which direction we wanted to go. Also, The Block Sky High was airing when we were renovating so this gave us loads of different ideas for bathrooms and kitchen designs.

4. During your time on The Block Fans vs. Favourites what was the most difficult renovating task to complete in the time given?

Pas: Finding out we only had 24 hours for our challenge was really intimidating – then Scotty and Shelley revealed there were no walls, and that they needed to be gyprocked!

We had to do the walls and finish all the other bits and pieces in such a short amount of time and poor Streety had never gyprocked before so that was a massive challenge for him. And for me, well, I’d never driven in Melbourne before and I massively struggled with that.

5. Now you’ve had some design and home decorating experience do you think you’ll apply this to your own home? What would be the one thing you’d change and how?

Pas: We’ve got the bug! We can’t wait to start decorating our own home. We really want to design our home from scratch. Now that we’ve renovated our unit we want to move onto renovating our home, that is a dream of ours!

Streety: I always say that once you start renovating you ask yourself why, and then you start seeing the amazing results and you get the bug!

6. What was the most enjoyable experience on The Block for each of you?

Pas: Meeting Scotty Cam was pretty cool. It was such an adventure and it’s definitely a weekend we’ll never forget! I’m pretty sure I’ll be confident driving around Melbourne next time!

Streety: Making the application video was a wild ride. I didn’t think we’d make it on the show at all and then to get that call, it was so crazy! The other really cool thing that struck me was being a-part of such a great TV show and meeting awesome people, particularly Shelley, that was definitely a highlight for me!

What do you think of the new Fans vs. Favourites series so far? Who do you think will win the competition?