Chrstine Retschlag is the author of Destination Desire, a single woman’s journey to life and travel.

At the age of 38 and suddenly single after a 22-year relationship, Australian journalist and travel writer Christine Retschlag spent the next five years falling apart in all sorts of hilarious and disastrous manners and destinations around the world. But something happened and The Global Goddess was born. Her new book Destination Desire, The Global Goddess, a single woman’s journey is part autobiography, part travel guide, and a whole world of fun, documenting her dating disasters and her journeys as a single woman, looking for love in every corner of the globe.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Brisbane-based editor and journalist who has spent 25 years working on newspapers and magazines in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. I’ve been travel writing for the past 15 years and in 2012 I established my own travel, sex and dating blog.

How did you come to be The Global Goddess?

In a bid to heal my heart after my relationship ended, I accepted a travel editor’s job in Singapore. I was living in Little India, where among the sashay of saris I was conspicuous with my Aussie fair hair and green eyes and attracted a bit of attention. I used to joke with friends I was ‘The Goddess of Little India’. When I came back to Brisbane and resumed my travel writing career, and built my blog, the name somehow seemed to fit.

What is your book about?

I like to call it Sex and the City with an Aussie twist and a global perspective. It’s Bridget Jones meets Eat, Pray, Love and collides in all sorts of disastrous dating scenarios around the world. I’ve always been lucky as a writer that unbelievable stories seem to find me. I couldn’t make this stuff up!

Who should read it?

Anyone who has loved and lost but learned to live again. The Global Goddess is all about strong, smart, sexy and spiritual women, and the great men who love us! It’s about that complexity that exists in every woman, the lover, the fighter, the career woman, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the partner…I find women and life are beautifully complex. It would make a cheeky Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, or humourous holiday read.


Destination Desire – The Global Goddess, a single woman’s journey is available as an eBook and through Amazon, including a limited-edition print run.