Brisbane may not have had an A-grade murderous butcher like Jack the Ripper, but there are still many ghost stories from our brutal past.

The “man in black”, horror historian Jack Sim, can tell you with chilling aplomb about murderous Brisbane, as he walks the shadowy streets of our town. Since the last century he has published true tales of Crime Scenes, Ghost Stories and Prison History from Boggo Road Gaol.

You may have also seen him late at night leading his Crime Tours and Ghost Tours, with a collection of other knowledgeable hosts, through historic and gruesome sites like Boggo Road Jail, Toowong Cemetery and South Brisbane Cemetery.

Sim established mainland Australia’s longest running Ghost Tours in 1998, combining the unique experience of visiting some of the nations most historic haunted sites with the ancient art of storytelling.

He can hold listeners in the palm of his hand with his classic local ghost stories, urban legends and myths, true tales of tragedy, crime, murder, mystery, magic, love and death.

Sim’s tours are unembellished. There are no extras covered in sheets leaping from the shadows to give cheap thrills on his tours – the eeriness of treading the ground of ghosts doesn’t need that, and victims whose killers were never brought to justice are disturbing enough images to walk with.

Jack’s not alone in his passion for the darker side of the Sunshine State. He has collected a motley crew of historians, journalists, and researchers and authors who spend hours trawling through archives and pouring over keyboards to bring titles such as Who Killed Betty Shanks? by Ken Blanch, Escape! from Boggo Road Gaol and Horse Tracks and Stirrup Irons by Caroline Stephenson and himself.

Ever seen a spirit or know a murderous tale? Tell us your Brisbane ghost story!