Mothers’boot camp pioneer, Kate Beeley has helped more than 400 women get back into shape after having a baby, thanks to her successful Miss Fit Baby Boot Camps. It is the only exercise group of its type in Brisbane.

The idea for a Mothers’boot camp has seen many women get back into shape.

Why did you set up Baby Boot Camp?
When I had my baby I wanted to get back to exercise when he was about six weeks but Luke was too small to put into a gym crèche. Being a personal trainer I thought ‘No one else is doing this’.

Was it successful straight away?

When I first started I thought it was the worst decision I’d ever made. I struggled with numbers and for the first six months I ran at a loss. I kept saying to myself to hang on in there and then the business turned a corner. Through word of mouth I began getting 25 or 30 women every round of six-week boot camps and now I get 35 to 40 coming each round. We have a good retention rate, about half the mums stay on for a second or third round.

Why is it successful now?

It’s more than putting together a training session – the trainers get involved with helping with the babies. That’s why we do well. We make an effort to take care of the children if they need looking after so the mums can get a full hour in. Having a young baby who cries shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t come to boot camp. All babies cry but we can help with that. And exercising hard doesn’t stop the milk flow if you’re breastfeeding.

What do the classes involve?

The camps are a mixture of cardio, interval training, boxing and weights. We have two classes, one at our Coorparoo studio and one at New Farm Park and at least two trainers every session.

Women report losing up to 10kg in six weeks. What’s the secret?

The secret is there is no secret. If you come to boot camp three to four times a week and 110 per cent embrace our nutrition plan than you will lose the weight. It’s not rocket science. My menus aren’t complicated to follow and are designed by nutritionists. We give you the tools but it is about the application – you have to be motivated to do it.