Master of make-up Napoleon Perdis jetted into town for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival and discussed trends and new season looks with Laura Brodnik.

Meet Napoleon Perdis…the master of make-up

How would you describe Brisbane’s beauty trends?

There is a feeling of radiance and people are fresh, they love layering but there are also nods to major trends. There is a lot of contouring and highlighting happening which is very vintage Hollywood.

How do Brisbane beauty trends differ to other cities?

Brisbane is happy to embrace newness while also being themselves, while some other cities feel like there needs to be a bigger nod to the Northern Hemisphere. Brisbane is very “I’m corporate make-over for take-over, I’m simple. I’m going to put on my track dacks and I’m going to put on my lippy and I’m going to be fabulous”. I love the way Brisbane has a raw layered ‘organicness’.

What are your tips and tricks for us coming into the warmer seasons?

Powder it up with Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder. There is also the Natural Mineral Primer, which is a powder primer instead of a liquid primer. You just need to make sure you have little touch-ups.

What is your advice when it comes to trying new looks?

I say put it on for ten minutes and see…see how you feel…leave it on, play with it and see if it works.

What is one big trend we are going to see everywhere this season?

The eye itself is a very nude contoured eye, you can dress it up with a liner or not. But there is definitely a lash. You can also add a smoky metallic twist if you want.

Where did your love of make-up and beauty come from?

It’s something I’ve always had. A catalyst that brought it out in me was my Mum and now my wife and my daughters. My inspiration is my family.

How do you talk to your young daughters about beauty and make-up?

I encourage my daughters to feel the level of happiness they want to feel. If that means they want to put on a little lippy that’s fine, but if at 11 they wanted to turn up in a full face of make-up I would say they were two young and  don’t need it.

What is one new product from Napoleon Perdis that we might not know about, but we definitely should?

We launched the new Napoleon Perdis Contouring Palette right here at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, it’s my new must have.