Brisbane is hot, hot, hot! Temperatures have been soaring and us Brisbanites have been slowly but surely melting into a puddle of rubber thongs, shorts and singlets.

Rather than sitting around waiting to dissolve in this relentless heat, it’s time to get creative and cool down. Here are 10 great ways to get your chill on in Brisbane!

Visit the rock pools

Throw the kids, your partner and even the family pet in the car and head down to the Currumbin Rock Pools. You’ll find them 15 minutes west of the highway from Coolangatta, offering up a shaded, cool oasis away from the scorching heat of the day. It’s a great place to cool down with a dip, sit under the little waterfalls and have a picnic.

Hide out in the library

Another air-conditioned oasis — your local library! Head down to your closest local library or take a trip into town to visit the State Library of Queensland. Curl up with a good book, get comfortable and spend a few hours reading peacefully in air-conditioned comfort.

Eat cold treats

There has never been a better excuse for indulging in sweet treats than sweltering in summer heat. Go to the shops and stock up on your favourite ice cream or make a trip out of it and visit some of the best ice cream and gelato shops in Brisbane, like Gelatissamo and Mister Fitz. Heck, make a day out of it and turn it into an ice cream crawl.

Visit lakes and dams

Seek refuge in the water by taking a day trip out to Lake Moogerah, Lake Samsonavel or Lake Somerset. Spend the day getting in and out of the water, lazing under the shade of a big tree, surrounded by cool drinks and fresh food. You can go swimming, try out the new kayak you got for Christmas or even cast out a fishing line.

Hide out at the movies

For the ultimate in air-conditioned comfort, visit one of the many ice-cold movie cinemas dotted around Brisbane and finally see that movie you’ve been putting off. You may even like to orchestrate your own movie marathon and see more than one. For cheap tickets try Cineplex, with theatres in South Bank, Balmoral, Victoria Point and Hawthorne.

Raise the roof

Don’t stay locked up indoors, crying into a glass of tepid water. Head out into the world and find a breezy, open air pub or rooftop bar service ice cold craft beers and cocktails. Try rooftop spots like Eagles Nest, Eleven, Sixteen Antlers and Dandy’s Rooftop Bar.

Head to the beach

Wake up early and head to the beach during the cooler parts of the day, kicking things off with an early morning swim followed by a nice cold acai bowl for breakfast. Try places like Burleigh, where you can go in for a dip, then wander across the street to one of the great local cafes.

Get cultural at GoMA

There’s never been a better time to take an interest in art, especially when it needs to be housed inside a very cold space. Best of all, you’ll find plenty of free exhibits to explore and, during school holidays, there are often activities for the little ones to take part in too. You can also check out the Queensland Museum’s Sciencentre.

Water balloon battle

When all else fails, it’s time to go back to your roots. Splurge on water guns, water balloons and maybe even a slip and slide (or a tarp covered in detergent). Spend the afternoon whipping around the backyard pegging balloons at each other, staying nice and cool in the process.

Get lunch in a cool spot

Head out to the coastline and have lunch near the water, to make the most of those soothing sea breezes. Try spots like Wellington Point, Victoria Point, Cleveland and Manly. It’s a great way to save yourself toiling over a hot oven or stove top and discover a new part of Brisbane you may not have explored properly before.

How are you planning to cool down? Let us know in the comments below!