Despite a minor slip from fourth to fifth place since 2015, Brisbane Airport still ranks highly for departure and arrival time accuracy.

According to the 2016 OAG Punctuality League Report, Brisbane Airport was ranked as the fifth most punctual airport of its size category, globally.

The air travel intelligence company’s report revealed that 86.71% of arrivals and departures occurred within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. Not bad.

Interestingly, the top three airports in this category for 2015 (Copenhagen, Moscow Sheremetyevo and Helsinki) have all since fallen from the top five in the past year. The top four spots have now been taken by Surabaya, Honolulu, Salt Lake City and Brasilia, followed by Brisbane.

In another win for Queensland, QANTAS came in as the fourth best performing airline for On Time Performance globally. It was beaten only by Hawaiian Airlines, Copa Airlines and KLM which took out the top 3 spots, respectively.

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