A number of road closures have been announced to allow for the filming of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok, in Brisbane next week.

Thor: Ragnarok, starring Aussie Chris Hemsworth as the titular Asgardian superhero, is being directed by New Zealand talent Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople).

The subtly named Asgard Productions III Pty Ltd has informed businesses and residents in the CBD that filming for a movie called Creature Report will take place in Brisbane over the next two weeks, leading to road closures.

Creature Report is the working title for Thor: Ragnarok while it’s in production.

The letter thanks “the people of Brisbane” for their understanding and support.

“We know there will be delays whilst we bring the magic of Hollywood to your streets, and will make every effort to minimise disruption. This is a unique experience for us all and we look forward to showing the world how wonderful you and your beautiful city is.”

The following road closures have been permitted:

  • Mary Street – Two lane closure, Albert to Edward – 4am Mon 15 August to 4am Saturday 20 August
  • Mary Street – Three lane closure, Albert to Edward – 4am Saturday 20 August to 4am Friday 26 August
  • Albert Street – From Charlotte to Alice – 4pm Sunday 21 August to 11pm Monday 22 August
  • Albert Street – From Charlotte to Mary – 11pm Monday 22 August to 11pm Thursday 25 August
  • Margaret Street – From George to Edward – 4pm Sunday 21 August to 11pm Monday 22 August
  • Margaret Street off ramp – Pacific Motorway – 3am to 11pm, Monday August 22

The letter states that deliveries, local traffic, businesses, hotel guests and pedestrians will still have access to businesses during these times. Short delays are anticipated during filming.

So… who wants to see the making of the new Thor movie?