The Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival is coming back to Brisbane, offering Palace cinema goers the chance to see exciting movies from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

The festival will be touring Australia in July, stopping in at the Palace Centro and Barracks cinemas in Brisbane from Wednesday 13 to Wednesday 27 July.

National Festivals Director Elysia Zeccola Hill has been running the festivals at Palace Cinemas for the last 18 years, and says Scandinavia has produced some of the most iconic films ever made.

“This festival screens the hottest talent from the most current crop of films,” she says.

“Over the past 10 days in Cannes I have locked in the final films for this edition and they will premiere on the big screen in Australia less than two months later.”

This year’s film line-up will include Finland’s official Oscar contender and winner of Best Film at Finland’s 2016 Jussi Awards, The Fencer – offering a fictionalised take on a real-life fencing teacher who took a stand against Stalinist oppression in Soviet-era Estonia.

In the spirit of recent Nordic fare, the festival will also screen the tense suspense thriller Absolution, starring Laura Birn. The film tackles the moral questions of guilt and revenge after a hit-and-run accident spirals out of control.

Also from Finland is Other Girls (Toiset Tytöt), a survival story based on true events. The film follows 18-year-old girls Jessica, Jenny, Taru and Aino who are on the verge of adulthood as they lose their innocence and, at times, their faith.

The festival will also see screenings of the Swedish documentary comedy Nice People, Staffan Lindberg’s comedy Love is the Drug, Danish Director Christina Rosendahl’s The Idealist, Swedish-born Dane Daniel Dencik’s Gold Coast and Norway’s first disaster movie The Wave.

The Scandinavian Film Festival will screen exclusively at Palace Cinemas across Australia. The festival will be held in Brisbane from Wednesday 13 to Wednesday 27 July at Palace Centro and Barracks cinemas. For more information visit