Madonna’s Brisbane fans waited 23 years to see the pop star in concert, but for some of them, the last two hours of that wait was just too much to bear.

The pop diva was scheduled to arrive on stage at 9pm, but didn’t actually appear until just before 11:30pm.

The concert didn’t end until after 1am — and if there’s one thing we know about Brisbane audiences, it’s that they don’t like to stay up late on a school night.

“We started late, that hardly ever happens,” she told the crowd.

“You were here too early. You should have taken your time doing your hair and make-up, then I wouldn’t have been late.”

By the time the Material Girl made her entrance, some fans had already given up and claimed a refund.

Fans who stayed and were planning to use public transport to get home were left stranded, as the final train left Boondall an hour before the end of the concert.

So, was the pop icon worth the wait? Opinion on social media was split.

Madonna plays the Brisbane Entertainment Centre again tonight — will you be there? Let us know in the comments below!