Open auditions are being held for Cirque du Soleil, and one weird trick could get you in.

Traditionally, Cirque du Soleil’s casting team have looked for people with actual, you know, talents — circus artists, acrobats, sportspeople, singers, musicians, dancers, etc.

Now, however, they’re throwing open the floodgates, and holding a nationwide Auditions Roadshow to find Australia’s most ‘unique’ performing talent.

Even if you’ve never considered a career in the circus, you might just have that one weird skill they’re looking for.

They’re on the hunt for “everyday Australians” with “a weird but wonderful routine”, “an unusual skill”, or “an act that is unlike anything [they’ve] ever seen before”, a set of parameters vague enough to include pretty much any ability whatsoever.

Now, if you think that sounds an awful lot like a setup for a televised freak talent show, you’re onto something. The audition process is all part of an upcoming, yet-to-be-named reality show.

While the auditions are open to just about everyone, regardless of skill level, you do need to be 18 years old at the time of the audition, you need to be an Aussie citizen, and your act can’t be any bigger than a duo. You also need to be OK with people making fun of you on national television, because there’s a very good chance that’s the outcome we’re headed for here.

Brisbane auditions will be held on Thursday 11 February from 10am to 5pm, with successful candidates moving on to show off their stuff in Melbourne on Sunday 14 February. Register for your audition here.

What weird skills do you have? Tell the world about them in the comments below!