The Enchanted Rose – a Colombian rose that never dies – has made its way to Brisbane!

The rose, which stays fresh for up to 18 months, was welcomed by Northside Flower Market last week and has already become a massive hit.

Owner of Northside Flower Market, Kim Dodwell says the rose was created by an Ecuadorian flower grower through a unique process of preservation.

“The Enchanted Rose is a preserved flower, grown in the highlands of Pasochoa, very close to the Quito Ecuador and Columbia, located on the equator and surrounded by the Andes mountain range,” she says.

“It is treated with a 100 per cent biodegradable oil process that transforms the original fresh rose into an everlasting showpiece.”

And, “it doesn’t require any water or refrigeration.”

Kim says The Enchanted Rose has already become quite popular amongst Brisbane residents and business owners.

“They have sold very well. We’ve already had many enquiries from retail, wedding, bridal and corporate industries,” she says.

“They’re good value for money as they last 50 times longer than the average rose.”

The Enchanted Rose is available in 21 different colours including neutral colours, bright colours and even rainbow. They can also be made to order.

The roses originally start out red and then are dyed different colours, through a unique process. First, the roses are de-coloured by having the water taken out of them. The water is replaced with natural oils and waxes and the new colours are then put in. To finish the process the roses are dried out in an oven.

“When the oils are transferred, the colour is added (to the rose). And, the most amazing range of colours can be created at this stage,” Kim says.

Kim says Brisbane is a hot city which can be challenging for the floral industry.

The Enchanted Rose is “fabulous for installations, as we have days to prepare them unlike fresh flowers,” she says.

“They are great for flower walls and shop displays too, due to the bold colour range and longevity.”

Kim says they’re also great to give to family and friends as gifts.

“They are fun, bright, cute, unique and different, and a lovely talking point,” she says.

“They are a significant investment but they are so unique and last for so long, they are a very sentimental gift.”

The Enchanted Rose is exclusive to Northside Flower Market, located at 3/27 Windorah Street in Stafford. For more information visit