Last year, I established a group called the Parking Taskforce, designed to research practical ways to make on-street parking more accessible across Brisbane.

After months of research, the Parking Taskforce – under the Chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner – handed down 55 recommendations about ways we can improve parking in Brisbane.

Council is now in the process of implementing all of these recommendations, including one recommendation to make parking signage easier to understand.

This week I announced that following a three month trial, Council would be rolling out simplified parking signage at complex parking areas right across the city.

Complex parking signage is a challenge that every city in the world faces, when parking space is shared to accommodate the different needs of city streets throughout the week. But Brisbane is now leading the way with this world-first simplified advisory signage, which will make it easier for motorists to understand parking rules.

We initially trialled these advisory signs for three months starting in June, at seven locations in the inner city and in Ashgrove, and had remarkable results.

The signs themselves are based on the design of a New York resident, Nikki Sylianteng. The signs use pictorial representations to identify parking requirements, making it much easier for people to understand what the rules are.

At the moment the State Government regulatory signage for parking is required by law. These new simplified signs will installed in addition to the regulatory signs, underneath the existing sign. I’ve also asked the State Government to review their rules, allowing for simplified signage right across Queensland.

The seven locations where the advisory parking signage had been trialled showed a dramatic reduction in the amount of illegal parking, with motorists saying they understood the Advisory Signage far more clearly than the complex regulatory signage.

There was up to 60 per cent less illegal parking at some sites, resulting in less confusion and fewer parking fines for motorists. Across all the sites, there was an average of 35 per cent reductions in illegal parking.

There was also a greater positive flow-on impact around these sites, with fewer disruptions to bus services and to the flow of general traffic. Businesses have also reported greater turnover, which provides their customers with easier access to parking.

The signs have proved so popular that motorists have been requesting that we install them in other locations across the city.

Council will commence installing the signs at additional locations as soon as possible and will work with the community and local Councillors to identify priority sites.

If you know of any parking areas where the parking rules are difficult to understand, you can request the new simplified signage by calling Council on 3403 8888.