Complaints about expensive public transport in Australia might be silenced by this list of the world’s most affordable fares.

Recent findings have told us that Australia is indeed among a handful of countries offering the most affordable bus, train and ferry fares in the world.

Six Australian capitals have made the top 10, followed somewhat distantly by London, New York, Paris and Berlin, as shown by the 2015 Fare Benchmarking Report published by Brisbane-based consultancy NineSquared. These conclusions are distinctly at odds with claims that Australia is one of the most pricey places to catch a train or bus.

The expenditure on public transport in each country on the list was measured in comparison to how long a minimum-wage worker would have to stay at work in order to pay a single fare. Using this system, it was found that a Beijing minimum-wage employee would only have to work for seven minutes to get from A to B, whereas a London local would have to work a ludicrous 54 minutes to ride the tube for an average journey.

In terms of Australia’s place on the list, the report deduced that a Sydney bus, Melbourne and Sydney train commuters would only have to work 23, 24 and 27 minutes, respectively, to pay for their average-length journeys.

Check out NineSquared’s comprehensive graph to see how other countries fared.

So considering that you’d have to travel halfway around the world to pay the most expensive public transport fares, perhaps we should think twice before complaining about our Go Card balance…