He’s the man who probably taught you to ride or drive, to kick a ball, or even to enjoy a tea party with dolls (well, maybe it was you teaching him that, but it still counts!).

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation with a great gift. Forget the socks and jocks; here are five Father’s Day ideas to float any dads boat.

More power to him

No man can have enough power tools, especially as there have been some huge advancements in battery-powered technology in recent years. Even if Dad is fairly well equipped in the shed department, consider upgrading some of his tools to newer models. Some brands, such as Ryobi, offer a system where one battery fits all manner of tools, meaning the shed only needs one charger to power up the drill, angle grinder or circular saw.

Get on the blower

Dad doesn’t have to be an avid gardener to enjoy the benefits of a leaf blower. These little beauties save hours of hard work sweeping around the shed, the driveway or after a quick mow of the lawn, clearing debris in an almighty puff of the blower. They come as electric, petrol or battery powered and suit a variety of budgets.

A good thing in a small package

Introduce a little Zen into Dad’s life with a bonsai. Available as hardy plants or in the more exotic varieties, Bonsais are a beautiful addition to any home – or office desk! For something a little sentimental, try to get your hands on one that was planted the year your parents married or the year you were born.

Bonsais don’t take a huge amount of maintenance, but the time spent tending them calls for a relaxed and thoughtful mindset, making this the perfect mini garden treat to wipe away the stress of the week.

Set to grill

If your Dad’s a man who enjoys a good afternoon BBQ on a Saturday afternoon, barbecue equipment is a safe bet as a present. New items include LED lamps that clip onto the unit to illuminate his culinary endeavours. Meanwhile, barbecue cooking kits, digital thermometers and trays are always welcome additions to his outdoor cooking area.

From the heart

If your budget is an issue or your Dad is the man who has everything, go with a gift from the heart. That may mean making him a heartfelt card, creating some crafty fridge magnets or designing your own photo frame. For a real treat, organise an afternoon in the great outdoors where you pick the destination, operate the barbecue and serve Dad his favourite meal. The time spent organising and creating something he enjoys is sure to be a welcome sign of your appreciation.

Whether it’s from the heart or for around the home, finding a great Father’s Day present need not be an ordeal; it just takes a little thought about the things he enjoys. If you’ve stumbled upon fantastic gift ideas on past Father’s Days, don’t keep them to yourself – share in the comments below!

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