Social media users and activists have slammed the venue for objectifying women.

Sydney’s Circular Quay Cruise Bar has caused outrage after hiring women to lie naked on tables with food draped across their bodies during an event last night.

Photos from a relaunch party began to appear on social media overnight with many people quick to label them as unacceptable. Passengers on board the grand-ship-style bar were even fed fruit by some of the naked hired help, further angering the public.

Women’s advocate and co-founder of Collective Shout Melinda Tankard-Reist has spoken out about the event and how it objectified women.

“I hope people decide to boycott Cruise Bar en masse for treating women like trays,” Ms Tankard-Reist told Daily Mail Australia. “It is part of the ongoing objectification of women to use them as serving trays and just part of the buffet.

“It suggests they are part of the buffet really – saying “help yourself to the women’s bodies.”

Myer ambassador Kate Peck was at the launch and told her Twitter fans she had “dressed” some of the women.

“Tonight, before I started work, I needed to dress a girls (sic) breasts in bananas. #cruisebar #sydney,” she wrote last night.

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