Snow has covered parts of southern Queensland in what could be our state’s most significant snowfall in more than 30 years.

Queensland is not known for being a winter wonderland, but all that changed after Jack Frost paid a visit to parts of the former Sunshine state.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), up to eight centimeters of snow has been recorded by locals around Eukey and Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. The snow began to fall around midnight and continued until as late as 5am.

via Twitter

via Twitter

BoM said it would take some time to get an exact figure of how much snow had actually fallen, because Queensland had no heated rain gauges.The bureau’s official observer in Stanthorpe would have to put the gauge in warm weather to melt the snow, and measure the amount of water left behind.

The last time Queensland saw snowfalls near this magnitude was in 2007, according to the bureau, when five centimetres was recorded in some parts of the Granite Belt.

However, no more is expected, with the next few days expected to be remain cold but dry.

The weather bureau said even those parts of southern Queensland that were not lucky enough to see snow will continue to shiver today, including the south-east corner.
Brisbane city dropped to 6.9 degrees Celsius, while nearby Ipswich reached a much chillier 2.5 degrees Celsius.