This week one of Brisbane’s busiest ferry terminals has re-opened to the public after Council’s major upgrade to make it flood resilient and easily accessible.

Regatta Ferry Terminal was one of seven terminals damaged or washed away during the January 2011 floods and is the first to undergo a major transformation.

This financial year, Brisbane City Council is delivering 11 new or upgraded ferry terminals across the city, in a $100 million dollar revamp of Brisbane’s river transport network.

These upgrades will flood-proof our city’s ferry terminals and support the transport demands for the coming 50 years for the ever-growing public transport needs of our new world city.

The project involves a brand new terminal in Milton, upgrades to Bulimba, Hawthorne and Bretts Wharf as well as flood recovery upgrades to UQ St Lucia, Regatta, North Quay, QUT Gardens Point, Maritime Museum, Holman Street and Sydney Street, which are funded by the Australian and Queensland governments through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement.

During the 2011 floods, the waters rose well above the roofline of the waiting area at the Regatta Ferry Terminal and in fact the pontoon sank and the gangway was washed away!

The new terminal is flood resilient and designed to withstand similar flood events. The upgraded Regatta Ferry Terminal features a 75 tonne, 11 metre high pier to deflect river-borne flood debris away from the terminal and a flood resilient pontoon.

It is also equipped with a state of the art gangway which will detach at the shore end during a significant flood event, thus allowing it to swing behind the pontoon to avoid being struck by debris.

As our CityCats become more and more popular, it is important that they are accessible for wheelchairs, prams and mobility aides.

The new design provides ease of access for people with mobility difficulties with a gangway that has intermediate level landings even as the river rises and falls and a ramp on the pontoon to the boarding gate.

Services are now available on a 15 minute interval, on weekdays and weekends, with full timetable details available via translink’s website.

More information about Council’s ferry terminal upgrades is available on our website at or by phoning Council on (07) 3403 8888.