A mysterious Family photo taken at Lockyer Creek has left even the biggest sceptics of paranormal activity scratching their heads.

The photograph in question was taken at Lockyer Creek near Helidon, of two adults and three children, with an unexplained fourth child pictured.

Posted on the Toowoomba Ghost Chaser’s Facebook page, speculation has arisen that the fourth child pictured may be of a little girl who famously drowned at that exact spot.

The girl in question (pictured quite blurry and pale between the two adults) is thought to be Doreen O Sullivan, aged 13, who accidentally drowned whilst bathing in the same spot in 1915.

The location of the photograph, Murphy’s Hole, has always been considered as dangerous, with depths of more than 20-feet.

Jessie Lu, one of the adults in the photo, even had specialists examine the photo for some answers.

“We have had two IT specialists look at this photo,” she told The Chronicle. “At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.”

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Are you?