In the aftermath of #dressgate, it’s becoming abundantly clear that any person/ animal/ inanimate object with an internet connection can become a global phenomonon. TIME Magazine has published a list of “The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet”, and it’s not only celebrities that made the cut.

It’s fairly safe to say that worldwide work productivity was at an all-time low last Friday as the entire planet was divided by a misleading dress and entertained by a couple of mischievous llamas.

Similarly, hundreds of thousands of us are faking bathroom breaks to check out Kimmy K’s new Blonde ‘do today on our smart phones Breaking the internet (with the same ‘groundbreaking’ colour change she experimented with in 2014, by the way) is the name of Kim’s game, after all, and we fall for it every time.

Fortunately for the reality starlet, she chose a relatively slow news day to launch her dramatic new look, as social media has changed the game so much so that today an A-list, household name could be competing for views and likes with llamas.

Today complete unknowns can start global conversations and command audiences rivaling the world-leaders, sometimes not even intentionally. TIME Magazine Online, through the analysis of social-media followings, site traffic and other contributing factors, have compiled a list of these, sometimes less than conventional, leaders of the world wide web.

Amongst the list of obvious candidates; Barack Obama, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon respectively, are newer internet sensations such as Brandon Stanton, the photographer and mastermind of story-telling behind Humans of New York.

Below is the list, which is not ordered.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Swedish gamer and vlogger)

Taylor Swift

The Jester (Anonymous hacktivist responsible for taking down websites run by ISIS and Westboro Baptist Church)

Nash Grier (Famous for his comedic Vine videos and highest number of followers)

Barack Obama

Kim Kardashian

Joy Cho (Blogger and Pinterest user “Oh Joy”)

Janet Mock (Transgender writer and activist)

Justin Bieber

Ta-Nehisi Coates (Writer and formerly a journalist at TIME)

Grace Helbig (YouTube sensation)

Vani Hari (Food blogger)


Gwyneth Paltrow

Tyler Oakley (YouTube star turned reporter and LGBT Activist)

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Argentinian President)

Matt Drudge (Founder of Drudge Report)

Yao Chen (Chinese actress and blogger)

Bethany Mota (Fashion and beauty blogger)

Alexei Navalny (Russian blogger and whistleblower)

Brittany Furlan (Most famous female Vine user)


Denny Januar Ali (Indonesian political analyst)

Anita Sarkeesian (Blogger who famously criticised the gaming industry of sexism)

Josh Ostrovsky (“The Fat Jew” sensation across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)  

Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York blogger)

JK Rowling

Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister)

Jimmy Fallon

Caitlin McNeill (Scotish musician behind “The Dress”)

Who do you think is the most influential person on the internet?