Meet the woman helping men get married — for a price.

‘Will you marry me?’ is one of the most important questions you will ever ask. In this day and age of Bigger, Better, Faster, More, a simple ‘how ’bout it?’ while sitting on the couch eating pizza doesn’t cut it. Elaborate proposals are almost expected, and one woman is cashing in on this trend.

23-year-old Gold Coast entrepreneur Samantha Davies created her company, Unforgettable Proposals — with the catchy slogan ‘You provide the Rock, we provide the Roll’ — after recognising a gap in the market. Samantha has spent the last two years creating and executing fairytale proposals all around the country.

I’ve heard that people are spending up to $12,000 on their ‘dream proposals’ — that’s $12,000 on a proposal, not a wedding — so I had to find out more about it.

Samantha, you are a very clever lady. You recognised a need and you serviced it.

Yes, I did. I used to work at a beautiful five star hotel on the Gold Coast and I used to get countless calls from men saying, ‘Can you please help me? I want to propose; how do I do it?’ So there was definitely a need.

The pressure that’s on someone when they want to propose is amazing. How do you arrive at a figure to charge people for this type of emotional service?

Well, the figure comes together when we create these packages, so it’s inclusive with so many different items and suppliers. For example, overnight accommodation, service from a chef, fine dining, private designers that may come in and showcase clothes for them to wear. There’s so much involved and they can choose to have anything included they wish, or we do a more simplified package, like little picnics, so the cost really depends on what they’re having for their proposal and the amount of hours and effort.

Is it true some gentlemen are spending up to $12,000 dollars on a proposal? What are they doing?

We have had more [money spent] than that before, but for example, for $12,000 dollars, this was a really beautiful proposal and it actually started in Melbourne. She was picked up from work, completely surprised in a stretch limousine and taken around the city. She had hair and makeup done and then she went off to the next place where there was a dress waiting for her to change into. Then she was taken straight to the airport. From the airport she had a flight over to Sydney where a limousine was waiting and took her to the harbour. We had a beautiful hundred foot yacht waiting and her partner was waiting by the yacht. After a three course dinner by their private chef they then got back into the limousine and went to a beautiful hotel that we had transformed into an enchanted garden, so there was a lot involved.  It was a really beautiful proposal.

Did she say yes?

Yes, of course!

Do you keep stats on your success rate?

I have a 100 per cent success rate.

My husband took me to Burleigh and proposed on top of the hill after I complained, “I’m not walking up that hill in heels! Aren’t we going to dinner?” I had a really big whinge. Do you ever have girls that go, ‘what are you doing?’

Not really, they are just very shocked. They say, “Oh my god, how did you do this!” A lot of them come up to me and say, “Thank you so much for doing this”. Sometimes they do need the help and they aren’t sure who to contact.

Do they say thank you up until the point where you hand them the bill for $12,000 for the proposal?

Yes, they still say thank you! It’s worth every cent.

What’s your favorite proposal so far?

I actually had one yesterday. It really comes down to not just what they’re doing, but the couple you’re working with. It really makes it so special when you are putting together an amazing day for a couple and you can just see how much they love each other. I had one yesterday and we did a Moroccan themed dinner on the beach at sunset and they were just so in love; they were dancing on the sand under a chandelier and it was such a special moment.

How did you propose (or get proposed to)? Share your proposal story in the comments below and it might appear in the next issue of bmag!