Batten down the hatches, Brisbane. Flooding and heavy rainfall are coming our way.

Brisbane is in for another bout of wild weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is currently monitoring a weather system in the northern Coral Sea and have issued a severe weather warning for damaging winds, heavy rain, abnormally high tides and dangerous surf for coastal areas south from the Capricornia including Brisbane.

The BoM said it had a moderate chance of developing into a tropical cyclone by Wednesday as it moved east away from the Queensland coast. The system is expected to produce strong winds and drenching rain along the coast as it begins to move south, and could cross the coast in the Capricornia or Wide Bay on Friday.

Potentially flooding rains of more than 200 millimetres are expected in the south-east, with the Gold and Sunshine Coast hinterlands likely to get even more.

Predicted tide peaks are as follows:

  • Tide peak of 2.78 metres (1.54 mAHD) at the Brisbane Bar on Thursday, 19 February 2015 at approximately 9.50am
  • Tide peak of 2.76 metres (1.52 mAHD) at the Brisbane Bar on Friday, 20 February 2015 at approximately 10.35am.

These higher-than-normal high tides are expected to be similar to the higher-than-normal high tides experienced in Brisbane in December 2014, with similar impacts anticipated. BoM is forecasting heavy rain and potential strong winds for South East Queensland in the coming days.

Localised flooding may be experienced in bayside, riverside and low-lying parts of nearby suburbs. Brisbane areas connected to foreshore, and tide-affected areas of the river, creeks and other waterways may also be affected. Residents in areas prone to localised flooding due to high tides are advised to avoid driving through flood affected roads, and avoid parking their cars on the street during the this time.

Brisbane City Council are encouraging  residents to make new neighbors aware of minor localised flooding risk.

Brisbane residents are urged to take precautions if required. Sandbags are available, if required, for collection at any time of the day from the following locations:

  • Newmarket SES Field Services Group, Wilston Rd, Newmarket (in car park off Erneton Street).
  • Balmoral Field Services Group, Redfern Street, Balmoral.
  • Darra Field Services Group, Shamrock Rd, Darra.
  • Zillmere Field Services Group, Jennings Street, Zillmere.
  • Lota Field Services Group, Herbert Street, Lota.

Sandbags can be found piled on the footpath outside the depots.

To protect yourself and your home, follow these simple storm preparation tips.

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