Do you hear that? It’s the sizzle of the barbie heating up — election weekend is here. Regardless of who you are voting for, we all know the best part about polling day is the sausage sizzle.

Snagvotes will be your best friend on Saturday — it’s the site that tracks the location of sausage sizzles, cake stalls and other fundraising activities on election day.

The site was born in 2010 just before the federal election when Grant Castner realised snags on voting day had become a bit of an online sensation.

“There was a fair bit of interest on social media and some of my friends suggested it as something that might be a good idea. Then I went online to see how much interest there was and came across people on Twitter who were also interested and then they got involved.”

The site grew from there. On the day of the 2013 federal election, Snagvotes posted around 1500 stalls on their map and had plenty of interest from media.

Promoting more than just sausage sizzles, the site is the number one stop for all your information in regards to fundraiser events happening across the state this election day.

“Schools are getting really innovative. Some are even coordinating their fetes to be on election day,” Grant says.

Although there is a shorter time frame with the snap election there are still lots of options available for your poll day treat. Now on offer around the polling booths is everything from coffee stalls and breakfast options for the early morning voters to international foods, markets and car boot sales.

“It’s great for schools because they can fundraise, obviously, not just in the school community like they normally would, but they can also get the whole suburb involved,” Grant says.

While some people will be taking the election very seriously indeed, Grant is taking a lighter approach.

“Its mainly a bit of fun — something that’s unique to Australia because we vote on Saturdays where other countries tend to vote during the working week. And because we have compulsory voting, we have a captive audience. [Snagvotes] encourages democracy a little bit but the main focus is to help schools out in some way and have a bit of fun at the end of the day.”

Whether you like the traditional snag or you like to mix it up with some mustard, Snagvotes has you covered, even in the case of our snap election.

“It’s been a little bit slower this time. Parents have not only had to get their kids back to school this week but they are also trying to get the sausage sizzles organised. I think a few schools have had to leave it a little bit later than they would’ve liked.”

But never fear — there are still 84 sausage sizzles listed on the map, a number which Mr Castner believes will double in the next two days.

Sadly, if you’re looking for Queensland’s best election day sausage sizzle, you might be in for a bit of a road trip.

“I do have a favourite, actually,” Grant laughs. “One of the best ones I’ve been to is actually at Townsville South State School. They are very organised, they are one of the schools that as soon as the election is called, whether it’s a federal or state election, they will have their sausage sizzle up on the site within five minutes and their volunteers organised early on. They put in a lot of effort and it’s a great little school, too.”

So there you have it, folks. Head down to vote, pick up a snag and support your local school community.

To find snags near you on Saturday, visit the Snagvotes website, follow them on Facebook or follow the #Snagvotes hashtag on Twitter.