Nestled in Fortitude Valley’s Winn Lane, A Love Supreme Records is a music lover’s gem.

Opening their doors this month, A Love Supreme Records is a natural progression of a number of ventures by brothers Ben and Nick Chiu, the team behind Ben’s Burgers and Brisbane clothing store Apartment.  This time they’ve teamed up with Alex Intax and Paul Marinos to open A Love Supreme, a stylishly quaint record store specialising in quality vinyl.

“We’ve been doing music events for a little while now, since 2012, and we just thought a record store was the next progression for what we’re trying to do in Brisbane,” Ben Chiu explains.

Where some of us might see the opening of a record store as contrary to the times, the passionate owners think otherwise. The demise of CDs has left a gap in the music market that Ben thinks vinyl can fill.

“CDs are gone now, it’s all MP3 and digital,” he says. “Whereas vinyl is a tangible thing that people can buy and collect and hold on to for a long time. 2014, worldwide, was quite a good year for vinyl. People feel there is more quality and vinyl has a superior sound.

“A lot of artists are putting out their new releases on limited edition vinyl. And there are even some exclusives which you can only get on vinyl. If you see it elsewhere, it’s generally been ripped off the vinyl version.”

If you think vinyl is the exclusive domain of an older generation, you’d be wrong.

“There is a new wave from the younger generation that are getting into collecting records,” Ben says. “So we are definitely attracting a younger market as well as the older market that used to collect, and still collects.”

A Love Supreme Records aims to cater for a wide range of musical tastes. If you head on down to Winn Street you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find anything from jazz, soul, funk, disco, Latin, dub, European, exotica, psych, hip hop, electro, house, electronica, bass, breaks, grooves and just about any other genre you might care to name.

It may seem like a small store, but appearances can be deceiving — it’s a musical TARDIS, filled with happening beats and a whole lot of heart.

“Everything we do, we are just trying to tie it all in together,” Ben says, “with Apartment, Ben’s Burgers, the music events, and now the record store. I guess we are trying to build a community in a sense. It is a way of building community through music.”

If you want to join the community, head down to A Love Supreme Records at 5K Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley. Their doors are open 11am- 6pm Tuesday- Friday and 11am- 5pm Saturday and Sunday.