Where has shame gone? Has it been replaced with a desire to be famous and infamous asks Max Moola.

Adrian Van Oyen created a video of himself falling over in supermarkets to prank other shoppers. It’s not an original concept – there are other versions from overseas that have been doing the rounds for some time. Consequently, he has been banned from a range of chain stores and charged with being a public nuisance. Is Adrian worried? Not a bit. As he posted on Facebook, it was “LOL. Worth it”.

Laugh? Almost. Who could forget that annoying Cory bloke? Fortunately his surname escapes me and I refuse to glorify him by looking it up. Cory held the party to end all parties causing incredible chaos and then agent Max Markson signed him up. Why? To jump on the band wagon and extend his five-minutes of infamy.

Remember the Qantas hostie Lisa Robertson who told all about joining the mile high-club (1.6 kilometre-high-club in today’s metric) with actor Ralph Fiennes? To this day I will never forget the look of shame on her elderly father’s face as journalists caught him at the front door.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking … the media perpetuate it by reporting on it and somehow this links to my last rant, uh, article about the sound bite news and the fact we don’t seem to want any major news stories any more. Have our lives become like reality TV? Feed us more and more bite-sized trash to wake us up and entertain us. Are we striving to reach the lowest common denominator in our society or have we become it? Would Derryn Hinch’s cry of “shame, shame, shame,” even
hold ground these days?

I will never forget a line in the Andre Dubus novel, The House of Sand and Fog, which read “people have the eyes of very small children who are forever looking for their next source of distraction, entertainment, or a sweet taste in the mouth.” Sound familiar?

Our grandparents and great grandparents faced huge challenges that required sacrifice for family and country – World War I, World War II, Vietnam, the Depression, to name a few. On the other hand, we seem to have way too much time to think about our own happiness.

How do we get back to what is important? How do we restore values and balance? Is it done in the home, the school, the workplace or all three? Is it too late and we just have to see what happens next? After all, every generation can attest to being shocked by the behaviour of the younger generation.

Maybe we’ll all implode – I hope someone films that and puts it on YouTube.

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