An act of God was managed superbly by good staff on the ground writes Ross Jones.

On the 24 November, I — like many other Brisbane residents — was caught out by the unexpected hail storm.

I was driving with my 10-year-old daughter down Creek Street in the city when my car was bombarded by hail the size of clenched fists, rocketing down from the heavens. My HSV GTS was heavily dented and 20 hits on the windscreen splintered glass all over my daughter. The sound was deafening. Eventually I managed to manoeuvre the vehicle home to New Farm.

Realising insurance companies would be inundated now with calls and claims, I waited until the following Monday to register my claim with local car insurer, Suncorp.

Once the claim was registered, I was told my undriveable car would be towed within two to three days in order to be assessed. I would then be contacted within a week by the assessor to tell me the fate of my beloved vehicle.

To my surprise, both of these things happened within the time frame promised, with the assessor actually contacting me on a Saturday.

The news was not good – my sparkling white GTS was written off. Boom. Gone. The assessor told me to expect a cheque for the full amount in my bank account within six to seven days. Another shock as this actually happened. Simple. Easy. No fuss.

Like most people, I don’t like insurance companies and I have disliked Suncorp for a long time. While I have been their client for many years, in over a decade they have never offered advertising support to my Queensland-based company (or should I say their global advertising agency seems not to use local media). I do remember the days however when they were pushing their ‘localness’ with the ‘helpful Queenslander’ brand.

I purchased a new car and I began the insurance process. I received a couple of quotes and again approached Suncorp. After negotiating through the ‘press 1, press 2’ phone process, I finally reached a real person who was friendly, helpful and understanding. They also gave me a discount and it was half the price of the other quotes. Sold!

Hats off to Suncorp. I am now a convert — well done and thank you — it appears you are still the ‘helpful Queenslander’.