Just before calling a snap election, the state government has announced that public transport fares across Queensland will be frozen in 2015.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson announced that the scheduled 2.5 per cent annual fare increase will be scrapped. Combined with last year’s cut in fares, Mr Emerson says the move will save passengers hundreds of dollars.

“This year’s fare freeze, on top of last year’s five per cent fare reduction, is part of our strong plan to improve the frequency, reliability and affordability of the public transport network,” Mr Emerson said.

“As a result of the Newman LNP Government’s decision to re-invest carbon tax savings back into public transport, families will have more money to spend on the things that matter.

“The combined effect of the fare decrease and fare freeze means a regular weekday passenger travelling to work from the Gold Coast to Brisbane will be $443 per year better off.

“In regional Queensland, a regular weekday passenger in Townsville, for example, travelling four zones from Stockland Shopping Centre to Townsville City will save up to $176 a year.”

Will the fare freeze influence your vote at the election? Are you satisfied with these savings, or do you think fares need to be reduced further? Let us know in the comments below!